The Land of Bears and Volcanoes

Observing bears in volcanic landscape. A 10-day tour.

NO overnight stay in camping tents

Take in the unspoiled beauty of Kamchatka in the Russian Far East on this exhilarating adventure tour. This special itinerary is devoted to watching Kamchatka brown bears in their natural habitat as well as taking in awe inspiring panoramic views of picturesque wilderness. Revel in the opportunity to swim in the largest healing hot springs of Kamchatka; take a cruise through Avacha Bay to view sea bird colonies; and hike on the ridges of volcanoes - this truly is the adventure tour of a lifetime. During the tour you will visit the unique Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake where you can watch bears fishing upon the traffic and spawning of salmon. To maximise your time with the Kamchatka brown bears, you’ll spend two nights in a wooden cabin close to Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake. You will have a chance to fish by yourself and to taste dishes cooked with fresh salmon from the lake and region.

This tour includes:

  viewing volcanoes including Alney, Chashakondzha, Koryaksky, Avachinsky, Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik with lava fields, panorama of the Klyuchevskaya volcanoes group

  watching bears fishing at Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake

  swimming in thermal springs

  visiting the ethnic Esso village

  hiking to Camel Mountain between the Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes

  making a breathtakingly scenic flight on a Mi-8 helicopter over volcanoes


Optional tours on demand:

  Valley of Geysers, Bears watching at Kurilskoye Lake, and many others

Price 2021

Net rate per person

Group tour (> 10 people)

18 and more   1970 €

16-17 people   2120 

14-15 people   2320 

12-13 people   2620 

10-11 people   2930 

Individual tour (< 10 people)

8-9 people   3120 

6-7 people   3390 

4-5 people   3690 

2-3 people   3990 

Join a group (guaranteed date)


Guaranteed Dates 2021:

09.07 - 18.07 / 19.07 - 28.07 / 

27.07 - 05.08

Suppl. + 270 € for Single (except tourist hostel on the Dvukhyurtochnoe Lake)

Optional excursions

Net rate per person in a mixed group

  Avacha bay and Starichkov Island cruise (5-6 hours): 90 ;

  Ascent to active volcano Mutnovsky (12-13 hours): 135 ;

  Ascent to active volcano Gorely (8-10 hours): 115 ;

  Trekking to Dachnye springs, the "mini Valley of Geysers" (8-10 hours): 115 ;

  Trekking on the ridges of Vachkazhets volcano (7-8 hours): 110 €;

  Trekking to Vilyuchinsky volcano and waterfalls (5-6 hours): 90 €;

  Rafting and fishing on Bystraya river (9-10 hours): 110 €;


Helicopter tours (only if the weather conditions allow)

  Valley of Geysers and Uzon Caldera by helicopter (6-7 hours): 690 €;

  Kurilskoye Lake: bears watching (6-7 hours): 690 €.


For a quote, send us a message at:

It will be necessary to indicate the exact dates of the tour and the number of participants. Please tell us if you want to have a private tour or you plan to join a group (please, specify one of the guaranteed departure dates from the listed above).

 This program can be edited and adapted to any of your requests,

Travel Program

Day 1    Arrival to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

→ Overnight stay in hotel (standard double rooms)

Dinner: tea ceremony and traditional local finger food

You will be met at the Petropavlovsk airport before transferring to the hotel. Check-in. Here you’ll have free time to rest after your long flight. In the evening we will visit a keeper of shamanic traditions and herbalist, Valery Malakhov. We will participate in a Shamanic ceremony for good weather on tour. Tea ceremony with various herbal teas and healing infusions from Kamchatka herbs. Tasting Kamchatka honey, traditional dishes and salmon. Return back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the capital of Kamchatka
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the capital of Kamchatka

Avacha Bay
Avacha Bay

Day 2    Flexible schedule for optional tours

→ Overnight stay in hotel (each room has a private toilet and a sink, but the shower room is for common use)

 Breakfast in the hotel / Free time for a self-paid lunch / Light dinner in the hotel / 

The choice is yours to either join one of the optional tours or enjoy a free day of exploring Petropavlovsk at your leisure - optional tours are paid separately. If weather conditions allow, you may choose a helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers, or a boat trip in the Avacha Bay, or any other day trip on demand. 

In the evening, transfer to the Milkovo village (280 km). Overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 3    Scenic helicopter flight to Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake

 Overnight stay in tourist hostel (wooden houses, rooms for 2 - 4 people)

 Breakfast in the hotel / Lunch and dinner in the tourist hostel

Early in the morning, transfer to Kozyrevsk village (195 km, 3 hours). Helicopter flight to Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake (40 minutes). During the flight if the weather permits you will see the Alney and Chashakondzha volcanoes. Upon arrival you will have free time to relax in the healing waters of thermal springs. Then we'll make a short walk (900 m) to a small mountain river and watch bears catching salmon. Overnight stay in a tourist hostel on the lake.

Helicopter trip to Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake
Helicopter trip to Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake

Watching bears catch salmon
Watching bears catch salmon

Day 4    Watching bears 

 Overnight stay in tourist hostel (wooden houses, rooms for 2 - 4 people)

 Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the tourist hostel

Dvukhyurtojnoe Lake is one of the best places to spot and photograph brown bears in their natural habitat. We will be observing these mighty animals as they hunt the salmon that gather here in their millions for spawning. Bears fish at night and then during the day they sleep. We will follow their schedule and observe them in the morning and evening. In the daytime you may relax in the hot springs or fish on the lake. Overnight stay in a tourist hostel on the lake.

Day 5    Scenic helicopter flight / Esso village

→ Overnight stay in hotel (standard double rooms)

 Breakfast in the tourist hostel / Free time for lunch and dinner (self-paid)

In the morning we will have more time for watching bears. After lunch we will fly by helicopter back to Kozyrevsk village. During the trip you will enjoy magnificent views of the Alney and Chashakondzha volcanoes and if lucky see active lava flows. Upon arrival to Kozyrevsk we will transfer by car to the ethnic Esso village (88 km) and make an excursion to the aboriginal camp. On arrival, we'll check into the hotel, take a hot shower and relax in the thermal pool.

Alney volcano
Alney volcano

Esso village, Kamchatka natives
Esso village, Kamchatka natives

Day 6    Ethnic Esso village 

→ Overnight stay in hotel (standard double rooms)

 Breakfast in the hotel / Free time for lunch and dinner (self-paid)

Esso is a charming village of about 1,500 residents nestled inside of the Bystrinsky Nature Park. The village is known for a spectacular setting and unique population of Russians and Kamchatka aboriginal people Koryaks and Evens. We’ll visit the Museum of local history with traditional craft and souvenir shops (bone and wood carving, bead-weaving, shamanic tambourines). In the afternoon you will have free time available for self-exploring Esso or optional tours. Overnight stay in the hotel. 

Day 7    On the way back to Petropavlovsk

→ Overnight stay in hotel (standard double rooms)

 Breakfast in the hotel / Free time for lunch and dinner (self-paid)

Having spent 5 days in the wilderness, it’s time for return to civilization. We embark on a drive back to the city of Petropavlovsk (530 km). Along the way we’ll make a stop for swimming in the famous radon hot springs of "Malkinskie" or "Goryachy Kluch". Check in to the hotel in Petropavlovsk and overnight stay.


 "Malkinskie" radon hot springs
"Malkinskie" radon hot springs

Trekking along the ridges of Avachinsky volcano
Trekking along the ridges of Avachinsky volcano

Day 8    Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes

→ Overnight stay in hotel (standard double rooms)

→ Breakfast in the hotel / Lunch: packed meals for hiking / Free time for dinner (self-paid)

Transfer by an off-road vehicle to the foothills of the Avachinsky volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka. It is filled with hardened lava above which you can see rising clouds of fumaroles. Easy hike (3h) to the nearby Camel Mountain (1,200m), which is actually situated between two volcanoes: Koryaksky and Avachinsky. The trek goes through picturesque landscapes full of blooming alpine flowers and colonies of “evrazhka” gophers.  From the top of the mountain you will enjoy the beautiful views of the volcanoes and Avacha Bay. In the evening return to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 9    Flexible schedule for optional tours

→ Overnight stay in hotel (standard double rooms)

 Breakfast in the hotel / Free time for lunch and dinner (self-paid)

The choice is yours to either join one of the optional tours or enjoy a free day of exploring Petropavlovsk at your leisure - optional tours are paid separately. If the weather allows you may choose a helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers, or a boat trip in the Avacha Bay, or any other day trip on demand. Overnight stay in the hotel. 

Avacha Bay, the Three Brothers
Avacha Bay, the Three Brothers

Fish market in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Fish market in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Day 10    Departure from Kamchatka

→ Breakfast in the hotel 

Today marks our final day in Kamchatka. You will be transferred to the airport for the journey back home. But before leaving  we will make stop at the Petropavlovsk fish market where you can taste and buy delicious caviar, smoked fish and red king crabs. In general, unless you have been to Japan, you have never tried fish and caviar like this. It is of a freshness and purity that can only be found in Kamchatka. 

The price includes:

→  Accommodation with breakfast according to the Travel program (hotels or tourist hostels in remote regions, NO overnight in camping tents)

→   Meals specified in the Travel program

→  Local English-speaking guides along the whole itinerary

→  Excursions and scheduled visits according to the program (except optional tours)

→  Airport arrival and departure transfers

→  All transportation on tour according to the program (cars or buses, off-road vehicles, helicopters)

→  Admissions, if any, during the excursions and to thermal baths

→  Our 24-hour telephone assistance in English, carried out by our office in Moscow

→  Russian visa support document (voucher)


The price does not include:

  Russian visa and visa fees (please see information on Russian visa below)

  Flights to/from Kamchatka

→  Travel insurance

→  Optional excursions (Valley of Geysers, Avacha bay boat trip, other tour on demand)

  Meals specified as “self-paid” in the Travel program and meals in cafes and villages along the road

→  Alcohol

  Everything not mentioned under "the price includes"


Important notes


Kamchatka is one of the world's last unexplored places. And therefore, hotels are not available everywhere especially in the wild parts of the peninsula. Itinerary of this tour is specially designed to avoid camping tents and always stay overnight in hotels. But be prepared that in distant wild places hotels or touristic hostels offer very basic services and showers could be for common use. The type of accommodation is highlighted for each day in the program above.



→  2020: While some countries have bilateral agreements in place to allow visa-free travel to Russia for their citizens, most foreign nationals are still required to have an Entry Visa.  You will need to complete the application for a visa through a visa center or consulate in your home country and we will provide support in terms of the required standard "tourist voucher" issued by the authorized Russian host travel agency. Please read the information on the Russian entry visa requirements here.

 →  2021: The Russian government has announced its plans to implement simplified Electronic Visas for Russia starting Jan. 1, 2021. Foreign citizens of 53 countries will be able to obtain a 16-day, single-entry tourist visa online. 

Caution: The Russian Parliament has yet to approve the law that would put into effect the Electronic Visa program of 2021. While it is likely to pass, the hearing on the law is expected soon, therefore please contact us at to clarify the current status.


General information

For information on the tourist services offered and in general on Russia, as well as on the general conditions related to the booking procedure, payments and cancellations, please review our web page with the utmost attention: click here to read.

Equipment and Gear

→   Having the right clothing for the season can make a difference between a comfortable and safe trip or disaster. After you book a trip with us we'll send you our recommendations for clothing and equipment you must have with you.

→   Clothing is important. Please bear in mind that the weather in Kamchatka is unpredictable and it can rain and even snow at any moment. So for summer to fall trips, be sure you have good quality rain pants and a hooded jacket that will cover your warmer underlayers. We suggest subdued colors over bright yellows or oranges especially if you're going on a wildlife-watching trip.