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From Moscow to the Far East, the only true protagonist of the trip is the landscape, as if the rails, the isbas (the wooden houses that dot the plain, the only traces of human labor), will be cancelled in the natural and archaic landscape unlimited. From the mountains of the Urals, passing between the taiga and the steppe to Lake Baikal, the "Siberian sea" as large as Belgium. A landscape that turns into color: the red of the clay cliffs, the green of the pine and fir forests and the white-green of the birch forests  that in autumn become bronze, the blue of the water that, always New and different, you can admire from the window during long train trips. A classic itinerary to discover the most incredible Siberia.


The trains of the Trans-Siberian line depart from Moscow on alternate days and allow you to travel in first class (2 berths) or in second class (4 berths) together with the numerous local passengers traveling along this immense road: a whole world made up of people and different faces of Russians, Asians, Caucasians, Mongols, Chinese.


This "trip within a trip" is suggested to those who can move independently and face a long road with patience, waiting, curiosity and the preparation of a true explorer. We can reserve your Trans-Siberian for you, with your chosen stops, at your favorite times.

Special rates are available for travel agencies and tour operators.


Tailored Trans-Siberian Travel

The Trans-Siberian can be organized at any time of the year, there are no fixed departures or groups to adapt to, the client can decide to leave at any time and customize his trip. The price estimates are adapted according to the itinerary you wish to make, adding the cost of the railway sections to the cost of staying at the hotels.

To get a detailed program description and quotation please send us an email to Tell us your wishes and requirements or mention which of the tour frames fits you the most and we will tailor a program exclusively for you.


Sample itineraries and prices of Trans-Siberian Trips

Here beolow you can view three of our most requested itineraries of Transiberiana with excursions and all the necessary  transfers included in price. 


For personalized program or different itinerary please send us an email to Tell us your wishes and requirements or mention which of the tour frames fits you the most and we will tailor a program exclusively for you.

Russian trains

Russian long-distance trains are comfortable and, depending on the class, are relatively cheap, which makes them an excellent way to reach various parts of the country and also to visit rural areas.


The trains "Rossya" Moscow-Vladivostok-Moscow, (1/2), "Baikal" Moscow-Irkutsk-Moscow (9/10), Transmongolian Moscow-Beijing through Ulan-Bator and back (3/4), They are among the most popular for traveling in the Trans-Siberian.


These trains are more comfortable and have the best staff and departure and arrival times; They often have fewer stops, more first class accommodations and restaurants that always operate.

Compartments and common areas

On-board personnel are present in each car. On all long-distance trains there is a wagon-restaurant.


It is usual to have a board restaurant in the train.


Below we want to give you some understanding of the different classes in long-distance trains (sleeper trains)

SV (1st Class)


First class: most modern and comfortable one (9 separate cabins and 2 toilets)


First-class compartments have the same second-class dimensions, but only two beds in each compartment, so they offer more space and privacy. Some SV compartments also have televisions with DVD players. The plugs are available for any electronic equipment.



-Two berths

-Adjustable table between beds

-Reading lights

-Storage place

-Sliding door

KUPE (2nd class):




The name of the second class is ‘coupe’ and has nine separate compartments.


It is the standard accommodation on all long-distance trains. In these cars there are nine closed compartments, each with 4 reasonably comfortable bunk beds and a folding table.



-Two berths

-Adjustable table between beds

-Reading lights

-Storage place

-Sliding door

PLATSKARTNY (3rd class):



Bunks are over and under the window and the low bunk functions as a table as well.


offers reserved seats in a sleeping car with 54 sidewalks, which are not divided into compartments, but are organized into groups of 4 beds on one side of the corridor and two on the other. The lower berths during the day are transformed into tables and chairs.



-Four berths (two high and two low)

-Storage place (shelves upon the door, under the bunks, racks on the wall)