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Tours and packages in Russia: commercial offer for groups and individuals

Incoming Russia offers a wide variety of guided tours and packages for groups and individual tourists. The tours described in this section may  act simply as a starting point for planning your trip to Russia. We've compiled the most popular packages and itineraries based on our many years of experience. You may choose from one of these offerings or we can work together with you to tailor your own, unique experience. 


We can organize a short stay or a weekend in Saint Petersburg or Moscow, or you may choose a classic 8-day tour between Moscow and Saint Petersburg which can be further extended to the charming, small, ancient cities of Russia’s Golden Ring: Sergeiev Posad, Suzdal and Vladimir, up to Kostroma, Rostov Veliky and Yaroslavl.


Another option much appreciated by our guests is the Volga river cruise, with navigation from Saint Petersburg to Moscow (11 days) or from Moscow to Saint Petersburg (12 days). These cruises follow ancient trade routes which allow you to visit beautiful locations such as Mandrogi, Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga, Uglich, and Yaroslavl.


If you’d like to discover even more we can also create a tailor-made tour to visit lesser-known, beautiful authentic ancient locations of Northern Russia from Velikiy Novgorod to Pskov via Staraya Russa as well as Kizhi and the Solovetsky Islands in Karelia.


And of course for those who dare to cross the whole of  Russia from the so called “Window to Europe” of Saint Petersburg, through the Urals and across Siberia to the Eastern Gate of Russia, Vladivostok, we offer packages along the famous Trans-Siberian Railway with its precious pearl Lake Baikal - one of the most fascinating routes in Russia. 

Incoming Russia has a team of highly experienced travel experts from Russia and Europe to offer you the most fitting customized itineraries and packages with high quality service and the best price. For travel agencies and tour operators there are special B2B rates available.

For individuals and small groups

of less than 10 participants


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For groups

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Incoming Russia - your tailor-made trip to Russia

One of our main strengths is creating tailor-made proposals based on your wishes. We are able to satisfy even the most complex requests depending on your budget. Itineraries and service packages are the result of your ideas, your desires and your expectations.


Thanks to our unique experience in Russia, our travel specialists offer expert advice on the best time to start your trip, places to visit, and the paperwork to be carried out upfront. We offer ongoing consultation and assistance to make your trip pleasant. Incoming Russia is at your disposal to show you the most exciting destinations to visit and itineraries to discover. We are always ready to fulfill your every request and will help to make your trip fully customizable.

Advantages of a tailor-made tour in Russia

→  Schedule your own start and end date of the itinerary,

→  Choose how long stay in each city, 

→  Customize the excursion program as much as possible,

→  Get a personal guide,

→  Take advantage of transfers reserved from / to the airport and / or the railway station,

→  Book any hotel,

→  Choose the means of transport: plane, train or car

What is the best time to travel to Russia?

Each time of the year has its own charm and, given that Russia is the largest country in the world, its regions are incredibly diverse in terms of climate and weather that there can’t be one recommendation. In most locations popular with travellers, summer is sunny and warm (20 to 30 deg. C) and, thus, the peak travel season. Summer in Northern parts of Russia are unique for their "White Nights", peaking around late June, when the days become so long that the nights are almost absent or reduced to only a few hours of dusk. White Nights are especially popular in Saint Petersburg, as party-goers enjoy a late night of light. Even Moscow is full of light, as the sunset is around midnight and the city is more alive than ever.


Autumn and winter in the two Russian capitals are also quite spectacular. September and October are often called the Golden Autumn as the leaves of trees turn yellow and give a magic golden hue to the streets of the Russian cities. In the winter, snow covers the streets creating an atmosphere as if from out of a classic Russian fairy tale. While winters can be relatively cold (-20 to 0 deg. C) the beautiful views of snow-covered ancient Russian cities are worth the winter visit, especially around New Year - the most important holiday of the Russian calendar - or Orthodox Christmas, celebrated on January 7th. With the approach of the New Year, the main streets are luxuriously decorated especially in the capitals, and Christmas markets with crafts, food stands and ice-skating rinks abound.


The choice when to come to Russia is therefore vast in terms of sightseeing. However, in terms of cost, it is also very important to know when to visit certain destinations. The same hotel in various periods can cost 2-3 times as much and each city has its particularities. For this reason we recommend to send us a quote request for your trip to Russia so we may find an optimal solution to make your stay in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or anywhere in Russia the most enjoyable and economical. Of course, while in Russia we always provide the added value of on-site assistance that we assure to all of our customers.